JDIO Overview: What is It, Why Do You Need It, and How Do You Get It

JDIO Overview: What is It, Why Do You Need It, and How Do You Get It

The beauty of JDIO is that it can be customized to work in tandem with whatever system you already have. We go out of our way to find systems that could benefit from our cooperation and system integration capabilities. JDIO allows numerous segmented operations to work together in real time with accurate data, removing the requirement for parallel data processing and management.

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The Eclectus, Inc. integration

Eclectus, Inc. has effectively integrated its two software solutions into JDIO, which we are very pleased with. Fund Control and CMIS are two of these systems. For banks, savings and loans, and other lending institutions, Fund Control is a customizable construction fund disbursement and CRE risk management software solution. CMIS (Construction Management Information System) is a fully integrated enterprise-level software solution for general contractors, builders, and specialty contractors that automates all areas of construction management, budgeting, costing, administration, and accounting.

What exactly is JDIO?

JDIO (Just Do It Once) is a software service that enables construction industry players to do their jobs more efficiently without having to repeat their efforts. JDIO is extremely scalable, platform independent, and built using cutting-edge online and mobile technologies.

We’ve been in the construction software sector for almost 30 years

JDIO’s founders have decades of combined experience in the construction business. Since their inception in 1979, they have witnessed almost everything from design to construction.

What is the purpose of JDIO?

Here are a few reasons why we believe you will enjoy JDIO. Aside from its ease of use, simple settings, and gorgeous designs, you’ll see a quick return on your investment.

Meet your new budget overviews

View the overall financial position and details of a project and know where your project financially stands at any time, both from a broad overview perspective and down to the details of a check. You can easily see:

  • Overall Balance
  • Financial Standing of every Fund Source
  • Full Cost/Budget Report
  • Details of Original Budget and Changes
  • Details of Checks/Disbursements

We’ve integrated work order requests

Communication is crucial when it comes to requesting work on a building project. Allow JDIO to guide you through the process so that the contractors performing the work understand exactly what you desire. From the work description to the location and parties to contact, everything is given. All of this may be done in real time, allowing you to stay informed at all times.

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