The Basics of JDIO and How it Could Help Improve the Way Your Business Functions

The Basics of JDIO and How it Could Help Improve the Way Your Business Functions

JDIO stands for “Just Do It Once,” a collaboration tool designed to bring all stakeholders involved in the building business together. JDIO brings all participants on the same page, from owners to contractors to subcontractors; from borrowers to lenders to inspectors; from developers to architects to engineers.

Construction can no longer be disjointed, unconnected, or fragmented in today’s competitive market. Instead, all of the participants must operate together as a unit. It’s simple for the entire team to interact, understand what each team member is accountable for, and keep track of the progress of each person’s work in real time using JDIO. A team that uses this degree of collaboration to achieve their goal will be able to work together smoothly. Learn more about who we are and contact Just Do It Once at 888-585-9850 to get started.


JDIO, Inc. understands that no one lives in a vacuum. This is why system integration is so important. We look for additional systems that might benefit from our options and services, and Eclectus, Inc. is the first to fully integrate their solutions with ours.

We offer the solutions you need

Today JDIO collaborates with third-party software developers to ensure that their solutions are fully integrated. Users of JDIO will soon be able to not only collaborate with others, but also manage their own businesses through the business.

Overviews of budgets

Know where your project is financially at any given time, from a general overview to the specifics of a check.

  • Overall balance
  • Every Fund Source’s financial situation
  • Cost/budget reports
  • Original budget information and changes
  • Checks/Disbursements Details

Inspection recording

Inspections may be viewed, recorded, and monitored.

It’s vital to know how far along a building project is. Having this data available to project stakeholders may be quite beneficial. Inspectors can use pictures, notes, papers, and images to update this information in JDIO.

Laptop ready

Work Anywhere with a laptop, anytime. JDIO, like any other online service, is always available. JDIO is designed to function with a wide range of devices, browsers, and network speeds. Your “office” may be anywhere there is an internet connection with a laptop and JDIO.

Reports and documents

Print hard copy documents quickly and easily. Not everyone wants everything to be available on the internet. Even though we prefer a “paperless” workplace environment, there are occasions when a piece of paper is the ideal answer.

As a result, JDIO now supports printing via PDF (Portable Document Format) files. We can create beautiful, clear, and professional papers using PDF files. Even government forms are possible to create. If you have questions about this or other products we offer, contact Just Do It Once at 888-585-9850 right now.