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JDIO is your Just Do It Once software, a collaboration tool to bring all parties in the construction industry together. From Owners to Contractors to Subcontractors; from Borrowers to Lenders to Inspectors; from Developers to Architects to Engineers; JDIO puts all the players on the same page. In today’s competitive market, construction can no longer be disjointed, disconnected, or fragmented. Instead, all its players must work as a team. With JDIO, it’s easy for the whole team to collaborate, understand what each team member is responsible for, and know the real-time status of each member’s work. A team implementing this high level of collaboration can work seamlessly together to accomplish their goal.  Read more about us.


We at JDIO, Inc. know no one lives in a vacuum. This is why integration with other systems is critical. We seek out other systems that can benefit from our options and services, and we’re thrilled to have Eclectus, Inc. as the first company to fully integrate their solutions with ours. Learn more…


Today JDIO works with third party software developers to provide full integration with their products. Coming soon will be feature sets that will allow users of JDIO to not only participate with others but also run their own business through JDIO.

Some Of Our Many Features…

New features are being added weekly, but here are a few key features that JDIO can offer. To see what JDIO can offer you, follow the “Integrations” links at the very bottom of the page to your current system solution.


Budget Overviews

Budget Overviews

View the overall financial position and details of a Project

Know where your project financially stands at any time, both from a broad overview perspective and down to the details of a check.
  • Overall Balance
  • Financial Standing of every Fund Source
  • Full Cost/Budget Report
  • Details of Original Budget and Changes
  • Details of Checks/Disbursements
Inspection Recording

Inspection Recording

View, Record, and Monitor Inspections

Knowing where the progress of a construction project stands is critical. Having this information available to Project Stakeholders can be invaluable. Inspectors can update this information in JDIO with photos, notes, documents, and images.
Laptop ready

Laptop ready

Anywhere Anytime

Like any web service, JDIO is always on and ready. JDIO is optimized to work with many devices, browsers, and connection speeds. With a laptop and JDIO, your "office" can be anywhere there is an internet connection.
Documents and Reports

Documents and Reports

Easily print hard copy documentation

Not everyone wants everything online. As much as we strive to support a "paperless" office experience, there are those times in which a piece of paper is the best solution. Because of that, we support printing from JDIO via PDF (Portable Document Format) files. PDF files give us the ability to produce beautiful, clear and professional documents. Even government forms can be produced.
iOS ready

iOS ready

Specialized options for iPad and iPhone

Although all our services and features work with any device that supports a web browser, we also have native iOS solutions that can run on the latest versions of iOS including iPhones and iPads. Some of the features that we take full advantage of are:
  • Speech to Text
  • Geo Encoding
  • Camera
  • Document Scanning
  • Signature Capture
Customize Options and Features

Customize Options and Features

Make JDIO work the way you want it to work

JDIO is designed to support and enhance the way you do business. We have built in features that accommodate the many different ways there are to divide work and accomplish a task. JDIO provides means to allocate specific features and options to individuals or job role categories. Application integrators can give you, the user, complete control over what information you want to share as well as how and when that information can be viewed and modified.

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