Get the Most Out of Your Day on the Construction Site with Construction Software

Get the Most Out of Your Day on the Construction Site with Construction Software

Time is the number one value on the job site. A construction company’s time is just as important as the money they make because without managing time properly, money will be wasted. Luckily, every year there seems to be some form of advancement in the industry to help construction companies improve upon their managerial capabilities.

That advancement is the exponential growth in technology when it comes to helping the construction industry. Intuitive construction software has invaded the industry and is making waves as the number one tool to ensure that everything is running efficiently.

Here at JDIO (Just Do It Once), our philosophy is simple: We want you to succeed in the most effective way possible. That means giving you the ability to not have to repeat tasks because of mistakes.

We offer a next-level package to help you achieve your construction goals. Call us at 888-585-9850 to speak with one of our experts to learn exactly how we are a great fit for your business. Continue reading below to learn about the services we provide through our construction software.

Fund Control

Manage your construction loans in a less time-consuming and frustrating way with our award-winning fund control solutions. It is typically used by Banks, Mortgage Companies, Private Lenders, and Disbursement Control Companies to help manage your construction loans.

With our easy-to-setup system, we can make the software work for you by utilizing your unique specifications. It handles anything, from small renovation loans to multi-billion dollar projects. Further, it helps mitigate any risks during the construction process.

CMIS (Construction Management Information System)

The ultimate construction information management system, our CMIS has grouped together all the modules that are important to how you manage your construction company. You can find all these features in one spot for your convenience:

  • Contacts
  • Logs
  • Active or Past Projects
  • Estimating
  • MAA (Management, Administration, Accounting)
  • Payroll
  • Setups

Everything you need is all in one place to decrease frustration and increase efficiency.

JDIO (Just Do It Once)

JDIO is a collaboration tool used to keep the Contractors to Subcontractors; from Borrowers to Lenders to Inspectors; from Developers to Architects to Engineers; all on the same page. It streamlines communication so there is no lag time. Everyone you might need to get in contact with on a job site is conveniently all in one place.

Our philosophy is simple: why make it unnecessarily more difficult? Just Do It Once.

Experience the Way Construction Software Should be Implemented!

Why wait? If you run and operate a construction business, we have a service package that should be perfect for you. Call us now at 888-585-9850 to speak with a professional or reach out to us on our Contact Page. Get the most out of your day! Utilize JDIO.